Maugham brings real emotional intelligence and in-the-moment eMaugham reinforcement to every conversation, at scale with an API that integrates into existing HR SaaS platforms 


Empathy Builds Cohesive Teams 

HR professionals today recognize the tremendous impact empathy can have on workplace culture, satisfaction and productivity. The reason is simple: empathy neutralizes negativity.  Companies thrive when team members feel understood, trusted and connected.


employees believe that empathy is critical to the health of an organization.    

SOURCE: Businesssolver


Transforming communication in the workflow


Analysis isn't enough. Until now, tools to help drive positive change at scale have relied on sentiment analysis that does little more than highlight problem words. 


When it comes to actually changing behavior, coaching and training have been the only options – solutions that are expensive, difficult to scale, time consuming, and often ineffective.

Maugham takes a different approach by intelligently rooting out negativity on the fly. Our proprietary AI pinpoints the specific communication behaviors that impede trust and impair team cohesion while offering real-time corrections and actionable recommendations.


Empathy Made Easy

  • Improve culture and increase retention – at scale.

  • Identify and learn from high-performing teams.

  • Flag and correct insensitive or hurtful communication before it’s sent.

  • Reveal empathy gaps and deliver real-time corrections.


Hard Science Tackling Hard Problems

Maugham is built by a team of internationally-recognized psychologists, researchers, and engineers. Our tech utilizes psychological language processing embedded in an AI-conversation analytics platform backed by decades of research. Our unique, continuously-evolving communication models are built on real-world data curated by thousands of workplace communication experts.