Empathy in Customer Service

Bring empathy to every conversation with the words and behaviors that unlock loyalty and drive productive resolutions.


The Right Words at the Right Moment

Lasting customer relationships depend on eMaugham communication – saying the right things at the right moment to build connection and sustain loyalty. 70% of customers leave after one bad interaction and empathy is a skill that’s hard to learn without real-time coaching in the workflow.    

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Predict Churn and Go Beyond Customer Sentiment

Maugham pinpoints communication gaps that impede trust and impair customer bonding.  Our analytics identify crucial behaviors that influence how customers feel and offer specific, actionable guidance to improve performance.


Maugham’s AI lets you understand what works and what doesn’t, and deploy that learning across your organization.

  • Critical in-the-moment guidance. Say the right things at the right time, every time.

  • Learn what’s going right (and wrong!) with every customer interaction

  • Correlate outcome metrics to behaviors, words and skills. 

  • Promote strong bonding with customers.

  • Predict churn and prevent negative outcomes.

  • Identify high performers and clone their skills across your teams.

  • Increase containment in chatbots and level 1 support by providing the exact language to prevent escalation. 


Emotional Intelligence in your CX Workflow

Transform any customer service platform by integrating Maugham’s powerful API. No need to replace existing systems or retrain employees.


Build a unified culture on a dynamic AI-driven playbook that protects, maintains and nurtures positive customer experiences.


Hard Science of building relationships 

Maugham is built by a team of internationally-recognized psychologists, researchers, and engineers. Our tech utilizes psychological language processing embedded in an  AI-conversation analytics platform backed by decades of research. Our unique, continuously-evolving communication models are built on real-world data curated by thousands of workplace communication experts.